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Fall is the time to clear out the remains of summer gardens from the yard. Keep your feet and ankles safe from injury by following these helpful tips:

  • Wear appropriate shoes for the task. No matter how warm it is, don't wear sandals. Wear sturdy leather shoes with support to protect your feet from sharp objects, including the blades of power equipment.
  • Keep your children away from power equipment. Protect your children and others from severe trauma. Leaf blowers, power lawn mowers, and chain saws should not be left out where kids are playing or where other inexperienced users can have access.
  • Don't work on wet surfaces. Ankle sprains and fractures can easily occur from slipping on wet grass or leaves, especially when carrying heavy loads across the yard.
  • Remember yard work is workout. Before starting your yard work, warm up and perform stretching exercises, just as you would before working out at the gym. By stretching prior to activity, you can help avoid stressing muscles and tendons in the foot, ankle, and calves.

If you have an accident while doing fall yard work, call one of our six offices to make an appointment. 

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