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As the new year begins, the top resolution for many people will be to join a gym or go to the gym more frequently. It's a great resolution to have, and keep, but if you're not wearing the proper shoes for the gym, you're likely to do more harm than damage. 

"The right shoe is very important in terms of injury prevention," said Dr. Daniel Geller, a foot and ankle specialist at Empire State Orthopedics. "The right shoe supports your body's natural biomechanics, which is the way your body hits the ground. If your body hits the ground and we do something that we shouldn't be doing, we're going to be stressing structures in the lower leg that can lead to injury."

Our podiatrists see injuries frequently that could have been prevented with the proper shoe. The most important thing in finding the right shoe is knowing your foot type. 

"There's a promontory foot type that rolls in, there's a neutral foot type that maintains its arch support, and there's a supinatory foot type that rolls out just a bit. Finding the right shoe that compliments your foot type will supplement your biomechanics, therefore making you more efficient, less injury prone, and it will enable you to run more comfortably," said Dr. Geller. 

If you're unsure as to what type of foot you have, visit a podiatrist today, who can tell you about your foot and what would be the best kind of shoe for you. Everyone's needs are different. With those suggestions, you can go to a shoe store knowing what you need. 

Many specialty shoe stores offer a treadmill, where your movement is recorded and analyzed. Based on what the salesperson or pedorthist sees, they can point you in a specific direction. 

Patrick Murford of the NY Running Company says he see people all the time who purchase incorrect shoes. 

"One of the biggest mistakes people make when they're shopping for workout shoes is that they shop by style instead of by function," Burford said. "It's important to get something that is proper for the way your foot moves and the way your body moves in motion."

This year, make sure you start off with the right shoe, on the right foot, before you head to the gym!

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