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Remember the days when you could walk out of the house, strutting your stuff, in pointy toe shoes or sky high stilettos? Now you're looking at shoe options that remind you of something your grandmother would have worn. Are these really the only options you have for footwear?

Just because your feet have aged doesn't mean that you stopped loving shoes. Baby boomers are getting to the point in their lives where they can't stand the pain some types of shoes bring, but still want some bling and pizzazz on their lower extremities. Kenneth Cole recently told Elle magazine "When a woman puts on a pair of shoes in the morning, she is making a commitment that's going to last all day."

Therefore, there is a huge opportunity for shoe designers and makers to create shoes that are not only comfortable but pretty as well for the Baby Boomer. The ideal shoe for the aging foot has a wide toe box and a narrow heel. But have you seen that type of shoe on the market? Most of them are ugly. 



When we purchase shoes that are too tight in the toes but fit the heel, we squish our toes and create foot deformities. On the other hand, if we purchase shoes that fit the toes but are too big in the heel, they slide off our feet and set us up to trip and fall. Meryl Streep lost her Jimmy Choo heel as she climbed the stairs at the British Academy of Film and Television to receive her award. New York City police are even investigating the death of a young woman who died after falling down a flight of stairs in very high heels. 

At every price point you can find shoes that are comfortable and affordable. Wedges, platforms, and low chunky heels give you the height of a stiletto without the pain. Taryn Rose, a shoe label created by a podiatrist turned designer has high-end, comfortable high fashion shoes. Ferragamo has also ventured into comfortable shoes, but neither company has that as a selling point. Both companies gave less than satisfactory responses when asked about their plans to design shoes with more comfort in mind. Taryn Rose did not respond and Trisha Gregory, director of public relations for Salvatore Ferragamo said "If the nature of your piece is based on comfort and shoes for professionals in the baby boomer sector, we must decline."

Remember when going shoe shopping, go in the late afternoon or evening, as your feet have swollen throughout the day, sometimes up to a half size. Fit your shoes to the larger foot of the two. 

And remember too- just because you're in your "golden days" doesn't mean your shoe selection has to be golden too. If you are a baby boomer experiencing a foot problem, call one of our six locations to make an appointment.

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