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Shia LeBeouf has been seen walking around NYC with a walking boot on his left foot.

The controversial actor has been on a fitness kick lately, injuring his foot in a kickboxing class. Despite having an injured foot, LeBeouf still went to class on Tuesday, but it is unknown if he participated in class. He has been training hard with WBO Middleweight Champion boxer Peter Quillian and recently posted pictures of his new abs, posing with his trainer. 

On March 18th LeBeouf posted the first pictures of his foot on Twitter, wearing a simple black strap, and tweeting, "Unbeknownst to most, Einstein started down the road of pro-basketball before an ankle injury diverted him to science." Umm... ok??? 

Several days later he posted pictures of his booted foot along side people dressed up in costume as Minnie Mouse and cookie Monster. Anyone wondering if it's not just his foot that's injured?

LeBeouf's new fitness regime doesn't appear to be in preparation for an upcoming movie. The Company You Keep is to be released in June, a thriller with Robert Redford. He was let go from the Broadway play Orphans due to conflicts with co-star Alec Bladwin and others. He's been using his free time to work on a comic book of his life, titled Boofy. 

Seems like nothing has been going Evens Stevens for you, Shia. 

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