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By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
August 26, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions

Neuromas act as serious disruptors to your foot and ankle health because they numb the nerves in your feet! But don’t worry, because our team of doctors, Jeffrey S. Kahn, D.P.M., Richard E. Ehle, D.P.M., Craig M. Kaufman, D.P.M. and Ayman M. Latif, D.P.M., can help to treat this condition. Come visit us at the Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC, located in Rocky Hill, Bristol, Middletown, Glastonbury, Newington and Kensington, Connecticut.


Pain caused by neuromas can be very uncomfortable. Neuromas are not a slight condition and should be treated right away because they involve nerves. When nerves are at issue, treatment is required at the very early stages because nerve damage is irreversible. Neuromas are scars of nerve tissue that usually happen on the sensory nerve, after that nerve has been injured by heavy impact or any other serious trauma. Neuromas frequently happen in patients after surgery has occurred because the procedures can affect nerves. A neuroma forms as a knot. The wounds from neuromas can be very painful and can happen to anyone. Neuromas are usually treated with anesthetics to numb the nerves. One serious surgical procedure is to remove the entire nerve tissue. The doctor will find the nerve that contains the neuroma and cut it out. The end of the nerve will later be covered and aligned in such a way to prevent the onset of future neuromas. 


Physical therapy is a great form of treatment for neuromas. The physical therapist will recommend the best shoes and go from there. Usually, soft shoes with a wide toe box and low heel are the best options for the road to recovery. This is in stark contrast to narrow, non-padded shoes with high heels that have the opposite effect and are partially the cause of neuromas in the first place. These types of shoes basically aggravate neuromas. Of course, there are many other therapy treatments which include ultrasonography, deep massages or exercises that stretch the foot with precision. Ice is definitely beneficial to lower the swelling. 


Neuromas must not be ignored. Please contact our office today to receive the treatment you deserve!