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April 09, 2019
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Imagine you were recently diagnosed with diabetes. Your doctor tells you all about what life changes to make, in addition to your new medical treatments, to help reduce the negative side effects of diabetes and decrease your vulnerability to other conditions that can be easily developed when you have diabetes. What if there were simple steps you could take to not only help maintain your diabetes better but also reduce your risk of developing other issues and diseases associated with diabetes? One of those diseases is called gout, which is a form of arthritis that more commonly affects people with diabetes.

As a disease, gout is triggered by excessive amounts of uric acid in your body. Gout causes uric acid to turn into crystals that form in and around the joints in our bodies. Most often, these crystals are formed within the joints of our feet, ankles, and toes. Uric acid crystals cause inflammation that leads to swelling and painfulness in the affected joint, leaving it tender and warm to the touch.

Even with diabetes, there are three simple things you can do on a daily basis to not only help manage your diabetes but decrease your susceptibility to developing gout as well!

Drink More Water - This seems like a no brainer, yet almost everyone forgets to drink enough water on a daily basis. Drink what feels right for you, but be consistent. Staying hydrated helps prevent the build-up of uric acid by breaking it down before it can form.

Drink Less Alcohol - We get it, alcohol is fun! This isn’t to say you can’t drink once in a while, but when it comes to drinking alcohol a few times per week, you run into trouble. Alcohol is not only high in calories but it can actually reduce our ability to fight off inflammatory uric acid buildup in our bodies.

Exercise More Often - For most people, a simple mile-long walk around your neighborhood or a local park will do. Change it up and go to different locations with more difficult walking paths! Exercise keeps your joints mobile and lubricated, reducing your risk of building up uric acid.

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