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Arizona Cardinal starting left outside linebacker O'Brien Schofield was placed on the injured reserve after suffering a left ankle injury against the Green Bay Packer last Sunday.

Schofield damaged ligaments in his left ankle. He may have still been healthy if not for a chain reaction of events that led to his foot injury. The man assigned to block Schofield, Green Bay tackle Bryan Bulaga, was out of the game when Schofield rushed upfield on a second-and-6 play early in the third quarter. Defensive end Darnell Dockett was working against a replacement guard after Green Bay moved its regular one to tackle in response to Bulaga's injury. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sensed the pressure and broke from the pocket to his right. Dockett launched his 290 pound body in the air and was horizontal to the ground as Schofield turned to the quarterback and right into Dockett's path. Rodgers pulled away as Dockett's body landed on Schofield from behind, onto his lower left leg.

The force of the impact dropped Schofield to the ground immediately, contorting his body. It was immediately clear that the linebacker would not be ok. Schofield will need surgery to repair the damage to his ligaments.

Schofield had four sacks in nine starts and was playing better than 80% of the defensive snaps. He was a fourth round pick in 2010 because of a tough rehabilitation from knee surgery, an injury that has occasionally limited him this season. The defense will miss him since he was a consistent player in Ray Horton's scheme this season. Schofield was starting to exhibit some of the pass-rush skills he perfected at college in Wisconsin.

Schofield was replaced on the roster by Quentin Groves, who has to play better than he did against Green Bay. He had two offsides penalties and drew a 15-yard penalty for a horse-collar tackle.

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