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Today Australian rubgy player Mitch Clark has his moment of truth. He will be allowed for the first time since his foot surgery to jog on a treadmill. 

Clark was sidelined for the entire second half of the 2012 AFL season after having sustaining serious damage to bones and ligaments in his foot. 

"I'm on track and the good news is we've got time. I'm just not trying to rush it at the moment and stay patient," Clark said. "I'm hoping to play a couple of NAB Cup games and go from there."

The tall Demon was on crutches for nine weeks and was in a cast for 13 weeks following surgery. "It's pretty much fully healed and I've just got to slowly progress. The surgeons and the physios are happy how it's progressing and listen to them and do as I'm told. It was a pretty serious injury, but I'm up and about and just taking the little victories as they come and looking forward to my first run on Monday," said Clark.

Clark consulted with other soccer players, like Trent Croad, whose Hawthorn career was ended due to a similar injury. "Some of the Melbourne Storm guys have actually had the injury and I've spoken to a few of those guys. I'm very confident the way the docs and physios are treating me at the moment and working with my surgeon. 

The Melbourne key defender is looking forward to something special- setting fire to his cast! "I'm looking forward to having a bonfire ritual and get rid of those. Now I'm walking around, I feel like a normal person again. I was pretty much bedridden for six weeks before I could get back on the bike and do some power walking. I'm confident I'll progress well and get ready for round 1."

Having been out so long, Clark admits that he is a little nervous about returning to action. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit scared and anxious about the injury. But I'm progressing really well and fingers crossed."

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