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Australia's best and most experienced cricket batsman Michael Clarke rolled his ankle during a simple warm-up drill Monday morning and was carried from Blundstone Arena.

George Bailey replaced Clarke as skipper and said he suffering the injury during a fielding drill. "He is just heading off now for a scan, so hopefully that will be all clear. He will obviously be given the right up to the toss tomorrow to prove he is ready to go. There will be a little bit of pain, but if he is 100% he will play."

He underwent further medical examination Tuesday in Tasmania to determine the extent of the injury. An X-ray cleared Clarke of serious injury.

Clarke, 31, the team's captain, has played 223 games, three times as many 50-over internationals than any other Australian batman and is a huge loss for the team.

Australian is down 2-1 in the series and faced a must-win situation against Sri Lanka, where they have been restricted to 170, 74, and 9-222 in their past three games. Game 4 was washed out against Sydney.

Bailey said at a press conference that it is impossible to replace Clarke, especially with the recent retirements of Michael Hussey and Ricky Ponting. "I think if you are replacing Michael Clarke with anyone it's a step down, and that is no disrespect to whoever needs to replace him. He is obviously an outstanding player, so whenever you are losing, one the experience, and two the caliber of player, it is a challenge, which is hopefully what the guys step up into."

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