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Let's face it: men's socks are boring. Ever go to buy a pair of socks for your dad/husband/grandfather/son and think "Boring, boring, boring."?

Men are getting sick of the same ol' socks too and a sock revolution is happening! They're starting to wear bright, colorful socks that break all the traditional rules (socks that match trousers, shoes, etc), or they're not wearing them at all. Jeans with blue and green striped socks? Suits without socks? Very fashionable.

Here are the new rules for men and how to wear socks:

Ditch socks if...'re wearing well-tailored pants. During the warm weather, shorter pant legs require awesome shoes. Choose pants are are right around the ankle, and just short enough to show off stylish shoes. You can also roll up your pant legs a couple of times to skim the top of your shoes.'re wearing sandals. This was always a rule, but it needs to reiterated.'re at the beach. The beach is a casual environment, and taking the time to take off shoes and socks makes a spontaneous run into the water take more time. You should be wearing flip-flops or boat shoes to the beach or pool anyway.

If you're concerned about foot odor- which most men are- pick up a foot powder and put it on your feet before shoes.

Keep the socks if...'re not ready to go bare. If it's too extreme for you, there is a plethora of options. Try wearing colorful, patterned socks instead. They show your personality while still keeping your feet covered and warm.'re exercising. One word: blisters.'re sticking with a low cut pair . Low-cut athletic or loafer socks provide cushion and keep away the stink.

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