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Sometimes you would think supposedly intelligent people would know better. Then you think to yourself, "Nah. They're just as lame as the rest of us."

British Tory minister Mark Harper broke his foot after he took a tumble while table dancing. Yes, that's right. The Tory minister was table dancing. There's a joke in here somewhere, we know it. The Minister for Immigration was out celebrating with his wife, Margaret, when he lost his footing on the table and crashed to the floor (can we say toasted?...) 

The 43 year old told England's Evening Star newspaper that "I honestly cannot remember what the tune was. It's not very painful and I'm 'cracking on' with my job as MP and a minister. I'm just going to the fracture clinic now to have it X-rayed. It is in an air boot, not a cast, so it's not too bad."

The embarrassed MP added, "My wife Margaret was with me but thankfully she's a far better dancer so didn't fall off." Perhaps she has more experience dancing on tables?...

Harper's fall was the talk of Westminister as he walked around on crutches. Fellow Conservative and Forest of Dean councilor Len Lawton said of his colleague, "We found it hilarious and gave him plenty of stick. The imagination runs wild when you hear it was when he was dancing on a table at a bar in SoHo. He said it happened at his wife's leaving do and he alighted from the table very inelegantly.

"I know dozens of people who would just sit back but it's good he's getting on with it- although his staff are getting the rough end as they have to drive him everywhere."

Harper is still planning on taking part in the Lydney relay in support of Cancer Research UK this weekend, but concedes that he'll be moving "a bit more slowly than usual."

Lynne Gardner, organizer of the event, said of Harper, "Mark definitely has a fun side. Obviously we're sad to hear he had broken his foot, but we will be giving him some stick about how he did it. We'll have to try and get him a buggy or wheelchair so he can do his usual tour of everything."

And no more dancing on tables, Mr. MP.

Reference: The Mirror

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