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Please excuse us if we've told this tale before, but what the heck is up with Kristen Stewart and her feet?

She was the talk of the Oscars Sunday night when she hobbled around with crutches. What has this girl done to her feet again?

She arrived on the red carpet telling people that "I'm an idiot," (I think we might have figured that out on our own, thanks) and posed for pictures without the crutches. Stewart hobbled on stage to present with Daniel Radcliffe the Oscar for production design to Lincoln without her crutches but was seen leaving the Oscars with her walking aids. 

Stewart's make-up artist, Beau Nelson, told People Magazine that his client "cut the ball of her foot, quite severely, on glass two days ago." He added that she was in "a little bit of pain" and they had to scramble to find appropriate flats for the actress to wear. 

According to the Associated Press, Stewart hobbled (can't say ran!) into Anne Hathaway backstage before presenting. 

"Please tell me you're going on the stage with those crutches," Hathaway reportedly said.

"Nope. I'm gonna hobble," said Stewart.

"Well, break a leg... Oops!" Hathaway joked, as Stewart added, "I just hope the wound doesn't open right now."

Presenting partner Radcliffe felt so bad for the Twilight actress that he "just wanted to pick her up, put her in my arms, and carry her on the stage." He however let her struggle to the microphone without assistance, joking, "I probably would have dropped her and opened her wounded again." 

Here's our recommendation to Stewart: Put some proper shoes on! You obviously keep having these puncture wounds because you're walking around barefooted. Puncture wounds are not fun, and unless you're doing these things to get attention, learn from your injuries!

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