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Kohler's Disease is a rare bone disorder of the foot found in children between the ages of 6 and 9, affecting boys more than girls. It was first described in 1908 by Alban Kohler a German radiologist.

It is caused when the navicular bone temporarily loses its blood supply and as a result, the tissue in the bone dies and the bone collapses.

Symptoms include pain and swelling in the middle of the foot and usually a limp. Patients who limp tend to put increased weight on the lateral side of their foot. They may also experience tenderness over the navicular and pain over the apex.

In February 2010 the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that Egyptian boy king Tutankhamun may have died from complications of the disease along with malaria.

Your podiatrist will take an X-ray of the affected foot to diagnose the disease. The affected foot will have a sclerotic and flattened navicular bone.

When treated, this disease has no long term affects, but rarely it can return in adults. Treatment includes resting the affected foot, taking pain relievers, and avoiding putting pressure on the foot. In severe cases, the patient wears a cast, worn between 6 and 8 weeks. After the cast is removed, arch supports are worn for about 6 months. Children may benefit from moderate exercise and physical therapy. Children who follow the prescribed treatment will heal quickly. Kohler's Disease may persist for some time, but most cases are resolved within two years.

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