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Now this is a new one for us.

Wednesday Kelly Osbourne sprained her ankle while avoiding falling into a public toilet. You're probably thinking, "Now what was she drinking?", but supposedly, her foot got stuck.

Osbourne explained via Twitter, "Got my shoe stuck in a bathroom drain. I was faced with spraining my ankle or eaten the toilet. Guess what I picked? I sprained the muscles in my ankle that go up the back of my knee, so it was the boot or crutches!"

The Fashion Police critic added, "With the drain right next to the toilet, and not screwed into the floor properly my heel went through it and got stuck! I just could not bear the thought of my face landing in a public toilet! However, I'm not questioning my decision due to the pain!"

Osbourne has a history of getting injured in weird and wacky places. In July 2012 she was struck in the head by a fellow Delta airlines passenger who was trying to recline her seat. In November 2011 she cracked her head open and kept passing out. In February 2011 she was advised to get foot surgery to correct problems exacerbated by her time on Dancing With the Stars. "They're going to break four bones in my feet and some ligaments. When I saw what was actually involved, I was like, 'No!' I'm putting it off until I become a cripple. There's no way I could do it," Osbourne said.

Wonder how her feet are feeling now...

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