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Even if you don't know much about reality tv, it's likely you know who Kate Gosselin is. 

Gosselin, the mother of eight children, and former star of Jon and Kate Plus 8, has been on Dancing With the Stars, blogged for various outlets, and been flamed on the media. 

Gosselin, who has taken up marathon running since her show Kate Plus 8 was cancelled will be holding off hitting the pavement soon. Gosselin recently tweeted, "Dear broken foot, My running shoes say they miss you terribly... I'm so frustrated I could cry that I can't pound the pavement for awhile :(."

The reality star suffered a mishap with her kitchen island, not surprising because of the amount of time she spends in the kitchen. Gosselin released a new cookbook called Love Is In the Mix, which has recipes like "Family Yuck Pie", "Cheesy Tuna Pockets" and others. She spends more than 80% of her time in the kitchen, so that was a likely place for an accident to happen. 

Gosselin revealed in an interview that she would love to get back on television. "I wake up every day dreaming of that second chance. I don't think I appreciated it though. But I would love to take what I learned and gosh, knock it out of the park next time." 

Gosselin is hoping her new cookbook will lead to another reality program, cooking show, daytime talk show, or even work acting. She's keeping her options open, as she's the sole provider for her brood of eight. 

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