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So what reason does Justin Bieber give now for his wonky walking during a sobriety test in Florida on January 23rd?

A hairline fracture in his right foot.

A summary of Miami Beach police documents says that Bieber told officers following his arrest in January he injured his foot skateboarding three months ago. The officer writing the report also commented that Bieber appeared to sway and have leg tremors during one of the tests, wincing in pain. 

The report noted that, "He appeared to have great difficulty," but adds that the injury to his foot was never brought up or noticed during the sobriety test. 

Biieber has pleaded not guilty to the charges of during under the influence and other charges. He told officers that he was not drag racing in a rented Lamborghini with R&B singer Khalil Amir Sharieff, who was driving a Ferrari when they were stopped. Bieber questioned why he was arrested in the first place, arguing with police officers and making condescending remarks. 

The police reports states that Bieber was "agitated and condescending", using profanity when brought to the police station. 

"He then got upset and said 'I'm 19 years old. I'm just out having a good time,'", Bieber said. He then asked police, "What were you doing when you were 19?"

The officer in charge replied that he was not driving a Lamborghini at that age. 

"Yeah, well, I bet you didn't have millions of dollars in your bank account either," Bieber snidely replied. 

To us, it looks like Bieber is using any excuse to get out the charges he faces. A hairline fracture in your foot would not make you sway or be unable to "walk the line". He was likely under the influence, either of drugs or alcohol, and therefore unable to walk a straight line. Normally, a hairline fracture would heal in fewer than three months, unless no treatment had been sought. But since Bieber knew he had a hairline fracture, he must have sought medical treatment. 

Our verdict: tell the truth and 'fess up. 

Reference: MSN

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