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The insole of a shoe is truly the foundation of a shoe. Without an insole in a shoe, you might as well be walking barefoot. A shoe without an insole is like a car without tires- you won't get very far in either without serious pain or damage. The function of the insole is to protect your foot against the hard surface of bottom of your shoe. It can also absorb perspiration.

So what happens when an insole of a shoe is worn-out or damaged, but the shoe itself is not? Can it be replaced? It can, and here's how you can do it:

  1. Insert your fingernail or small screwdriver under the insole at either the front or heel end to loosen the insole. Pull the insole upwards and out of the shoe.
  2. Trace the shape of the old insole onto a piece of paper if the insole you purchased to replace the old one is not the right size or shape and does not fit into your shoes when you insert it. 
  3. Use a pair of scissors or a utility knife to trim around the edge of the insole so that it matches the traced pattern. If you traced the bottom of your shoe instead of the insole, trim more of the surface of the insole away. 
  4. Insert the insole into your shoe, toe part first, and push it as far forward as it can go. Check the back of the shoe to guarantee the entire inner heel is covered. Pull the insole back to cover the entire heel if necessary. Press down on the insole with your hand so it's firmly seated on the bottom of the shoe. 
  5. Put your shoe on with your normal sock to make sure the insole fits properly. Wear the shoe and walk around normally so the insole sets correctly and conforms to the shape of your foot and your gait. 

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