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Could it be that heels are becoming a persona non grata amongst celebrities?

Recently, Madonna bruised a bone falling off her heels, Emma Thompson took off her heels at the Golden Globes to avoid foot pain, and Camila Avles de-heeled herself at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

So if celebrities keep tumbling when they're wearing heels (remember Jennifer Lawrence's fall last year at the Oscars?), how can the average person?

Meghan Cleary, author of "How To Be Truly Unstoppable In Your Stilettos" and the website Shoe Are You says it's possible. "You've got to be savvy about your high heels," Cleary said.

"It's all about planning," she adds. Her biggest tip: don't wear stilettos for more than an hour and bring a back up pair to wear the rest of the time.

The New York Daily News talked to foot experts about wearing heels, and taking a tumble in our footwear is not a new problem. Heels appeared as early as the Renaissance, and even back then, women who wore them had weakened Achilles tendons, shortened gastrocnemius muscles in the lower legs, and battered bones in the foot and toes. 

One foot doctor even created a full-body workout designed to keep our bodies in shape for wearing stilettos (no lie!). 

"You need to train the foot, ankle, and [abdominal] core," said Emily Splichal, creator of the Catwalk Confidence program. 

According to Broadway choreographer Lorin Latarr, "It takes more work than you'd expect to get your body used to it."

Shop function, not fashion. The biggest women's shoe brands, like Dior and Christian Louboutin, have heels typically ranging from 3 to 5 inches. When selecting a shoe, try the "bounce back" test: put your fingers in your shoes and see if the bottoms have a strong bounce. And before you leave the store, talk those heels for a stroll on the hard wood floors.

"When you wear heels that high, you're going to pay the price for it," said Vasilios Christofilakos, an accessories design professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

"You just have to have some common sense when you're shopping for heels," adds Christofilakos, who has designed the RobertoVasi footwear line for men. 

Even Sarah Jessica Parker, the queen of stilettos, said last year that she would have to give them up after they destroyed her feet. But for many women, you'd don't have to be that severe.

"You should only wear it when you have to," commented Dr. Louis Peterson, a Manhattan podiatrist, who said that one in six of his patients are women who have a high heel injury. 

Cleary adds that if you absolutely have to wear stilettos, take time at home wearing the shoes. "You have to practice, practice, practice. Feel it out before you go out," Cleary said. 

Reference: New York Daily News

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