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Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade suffered a sprain in his left foot and is day-to-day.

Wade sat out the Olympics to have his knee surgery and to get his health right, but so far this season, he has been nagged by injuries.

Wade sprained his left ankle when he landed on teammate Chris Bosh's foot in Houston last Monday. He had X-rays on the ankle, which were negative, and has chosen to play since.

"Is he 100%? No. But he will never tell you that. Hopefully he will be able to get healthier," said Miami coach Erik Spoelstra.

"As he recovered from the knee surgery in the offseason, he's sprained his ankle, hurt his foot, and jammed his finger," said teammate LeBron James. "He's going to have to try to get healthy because I know that's affecting his play on the floor and I know he wants to play at the highest level, and he's capable of doing that when he's healthy. His health right now... as his knee is getting better, he's banging up other things."

"When you get one thing it ends up being about three different things. You weather it. It will be all right," said Wade.

Wade, 30, does not need to be rushed back from anything. The defending Heat are 6-3 and off to a good start. NBA seasons are long, and no one plays all games. They do however need Wade to defend the championship that everyone has their eye on. So far this season, his numbers are down, averaging 16.9 points, his fewest since his rookie season, and making just 16.7% of his 3-point attempts.

"Everybody is using every game as a test to see where they are," Wade said.

Wade played last Wednesday night, saying that "Some nights you have to try to tough it out and go do it."

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