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By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
August 26, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions

Podiatrists treat and see all types of foot, ankle, and even toe problems. They can range from breaks, fungus, and blisters, to diabetic diseases, deformities, and allergies. There is not much they haven’t seen when it comes to the feet, ankles, and toes. Toenails specifically are treated on a regular basis. Your toenails are made out of protein, calcium, potassium and other substances. They grow constantly, even when you are asleep and are very thin (usually less than 1mm). They lack water and contain sulfur which allows them to be hard and sturdy. Although toenails are tough, they are subject to a lot of different disorders.

Ingrown Toenails

This is when the nail grows, cuts, or curves itself into the skin of the toes it grows upon. Ingrown toenails can occur due to genetics, poor health habits, or crooked toenail cutting. If the toenail grows into the skin of the foot it can cause infection that needs to be treated right away. A podiatrist such as Jeffrey Kahn, DPM of Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC in Rocky Hill, Bristol, Newington, Glastonbury, Middletown, and Kensington, Connecticut, can help treat ingrown toenails and infections.

Thickening and Discoloration

Are your nails yellowing or becoming less translucent? Are they really thick or deformed? This may be a sign of nail disease and should be treated by a podiatrist. Dr. Krahn will examine your toenails and the rest of the foot. After examining the foot and toes he will determine whether the thickening and discoloration is from age, disease, or fungus. Together you will create a treatment plan to get you back to a happier, healthier foot.


If your nail is green and emits an odor you have fungus. Fungus is an infection of the nail. It can cause a nail to thicken and discolor or become brittle and break down. Fungus is hard to treat but is not incurable. Podiatrist’s often use antifungal medications to kill the fungus and prevent it from returning to the nail. Beware of over the counter medications that promise quick acting healing. They do not always work and are not always appropriate for the type of fungus that is present.

Are your toenails cutting into your toe? Did that pedicure leave your toes green and slick? Think you might have an entirely different problem with your toes? Call  860-563-1200 or make an appointment online today. Dr. Krahn will examine, diagnose and treat your toenail so you can have the toes of your dreams again.