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Brooklyn Nets player Deron Williams revealed last Wednesday to an ESPN reporter that he will likely require surgery to remove bone spurs in his left ankle. 

The star point guard sat out practices last Thursday and Friday because of the condition, but expects to be fine during the season. 

"I think probably the majority of athletes have bone spurs that they deal with at some point in their career," Williams told SportsCenter. "I don't know if I'll have to have surgery. I'm just saying that might be something that happens after the season. But as far as right now, my ankle feels like new since I got the shots, so hopefully I won't have to have any surgery at all."

Nets coach Billy King confirmed that an MRI revealed Williams has bone spurs in his left ankle and will likely have surgery in the offseason to clean them up. Williams had a cortisone shot last Friday to ease the pain from the inflammation from the spurs. King however downplayed the results and expects the injury to manageable.

"The injection worked, and then after the season he'll probably get it cleaned up," said King, who has not ruled out more cortisone shots for the point guard.

King says he has seen many players manage their bone spurs throughout the season and then have offseason surgery. "You really wouldn't have noticed if they didn't say anything about it. They ice it, they do all the things preventive. And at the end of the season they just clean it out so it's not a problem."

Don't expect this to slow down the Nets or Williams. The team has a lot going for them this season, including stars Joe Johnson, Kris HumphriesBrook Lopez, and Gerald Wallace. The team has a brand new arena, and is fighting for the heart of New York City against an even more injury riddled New York Knicks. And when Williams says that his ankle "feels like new", you can believe him. Williams is a straight talker who tells the truth.

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