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The New York Yankees scratched shortstop Derek Jeter from yesterday's game against Philadelphia after Jeter experienced stiffness in his surgically repaired left ankle. Jeter indicated that he was unable to loosen up his ankle, but the discomfort was not in the area where he broke it last October.

"I'm not concerned because I was told this would happen," Jeter said. "If I wasn't told it wasn't going to happen, I would be concerned. From everything I've heard from the doctors, it's normal."

Jeter made the decision to skip yesterday's game after taking batting practice. He went into the clubhouse with trainer Steve Donohue when it was his turn to go on field; Donohue then retrieved manager Joe Girardi, and the trio made the decision for Jeter to sit out.

"We'll just take it day-by-day," said Girardi.

Yankees fans are probably biting their nails and pulling their hair out, wondering if this is the start of a season with Jeter on the disabled list. Jeter himself is not worried about the ankle, but is still dealing with the soreness and stiffness in the area around the ankle.

"It's been all over," he said. "You name it. Left, right, front, back, middle, outside, inside.

"I'm frustrated I can't go out there and play, but it's part of the whole rehab process. I'll play as soon as I can."

He's played through things worse during the regular season, and since this is just spring training, Jeter felt it prudent to sit out.

"I've had a lot of good days. This is just something that happened today. So hopefully tomorrow I'll feel a lot better. But I don't think it's a setback.


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