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"Give Your Heart A Break" Demi Lovato will now be singing "Give My Foot A Break" after falling in her house on January 27th.

She tweeted pictures of her badly bruised ankle, saying "Never, ever, ever, EVER let your roommate clean hardwood floors with Pledge..."

Lovato has been staying in a sober living house in Los Angeles since coming out of rehab for anorexia, bulemia, cutting, and bipolar disorder. She tweeted the day the incident occurred, "Needless to say, today was eventful. Hahahahaha." Later in the week, she tweeted, "Fibula schmibula."

The singer has fractured her right leg, is on crutches and has her leg in a cast, but it is unknown how long that will be.

Lovato is still confirmed to perform at Universal Studios in Orlando for a Mardi Gras concert on March 6, 2013. She hasn't announced if she will return as a judge on "The X-Factor" in 2013.

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