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Have you noticed a deep pain near your forefoot or under your toes?

What you likely have is called a "stone bruise", a deep contusion to a bone or associated soft tissue structures. Any injury to the foot or ankle can cause a stone bruise, which typically occurs at the forefoot or on the metatarsal fat pad of the foot. 

For the patient, a stone bruise usually feels like they are walking on a pebble. They will also describe their pain as being a deep bruise. Stone bruises happen quickly, are painful with weight bearing, and can be difficult to heal.

Stone bruises happen when there is blunt trauma or an impact injury to a bone or the soft tissue associated with it. Stepping on a protruding object will also cause a stone bruise. Stone bruises usually occur because you are walking barefoot or wearing flimsy shoes The impact is not usually strong enough to cause a fracture, but does bruise the soft tissue in the area. The heel bone, besides the forefoot, is a common place for this injury.

Stone bruises are treated with the R.I.C.E. method (rice, ice, compression, and elevation) and anti-inflammatory medications. When the bruise is severe, the patient's foot will be put in a boot or cast so it is non-weight bearing.

Patients should understand that this is an injury that does not clear up within a few days. Stone bruises affect tissues deep within your foot and require time, rest, and patience to heal.

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