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When you see someone with dirty shoes, what do you think of that person? We judge people by so many different factors, and the condition of a person's shoes is sometimes one of them. Cleaning a pair of shoes that are still have some life left in them can revitalize your wardrobe and what others think of you. Here's what you can do to clean up your shoes.

Remove toe marks from open toe shoes. Wet half of a good microfiber cloth specific for this purpose with warm water. Wring it out very well and start rubbing the toe marks up and down and then side to side. Continue the rubbing until the marks disappear. If the lining of the shoes are suede, use a suede brush or nail brush to brush the nap and reset it. Dry shoes, out of the sun. Try to remove the marks before they are severe.

Fabric shoes and boots. Fabric shoes can be cleaned with a Soot and Dirt Remover Sponge, available at Amazon. Use the sponge like an eraser over the fabric. Since this will probably get messy, do this step outside. If there are still marks after using the sponge, use the microfiber cloth the same way you did for the open toed shoes.

Suede leather boots and shoes. Using a suede brush, work against the grain first and reset the nap by brushing in the right direction. For a mark that won't come out, dip a cloth in undiluted white vinegar and gently rub. Test this first on an inconspicuous spot first. Make sure not to over wet the shoes and let them dry completely.

Leather shoes. Dove moisturizing bar soap will keep leather clean and conditioned. When leather gets scuffed, polish shoes with the coordinating color polish.

Unusual colored shoes. There are shoe colors that you will never find a coordinating polish. Try Leather CPR, which treats all color leather and cleans and conditions. Shoes can also be washed with a damp cloth and the Dove moisturizing bar soap.

Kiwi Express Shine (neutral). This is an instant shine sponge that will freshen up shoes with a quick swab. Glide the sponge over the shoe, which should now look shiny and bright. Don't forget to wash off excess dirt first.

Stinky shoes? Try Odrozout, which is a natural odor eliminator. Sprinkle in your shoes when you take them off and leave it in until you wear them again. Shake shoes outside or over the toilet to remove excess powder.

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