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Leave it to celebrities to do stupid things.

Chelsea Handler's on-air sidekick Chuy Bravo broke his foot and can no longer compete in ABC's reality show, Splash.

You would expect for us to now say that Bravo broke his foot while rehearsing and practicing for the television show, but alas, we cannot. Bravo reportedly jumped on a table during a party celebrating the show's premiere during the first day of filming and the table broke. As Bravo fell, he fractured his heel bone. He had to withdraw from the competition because the injury is severe enough that he can't put any weight on it, and therefore couldn't be on a diving board. Bravo didn't even know how to swim when he signed up for the program.

Handler says of her sidekick, "He fell off a table. He's so lazy, he doesn't even want to dive. So that got him out of this job and the diving job."

Handler has gotten a temporary on-air sidekick while Bravo is off recuperating and his replacement for Splash is Brandi Chastain, the soccer player who famously ripped off her jersey during the 1999 World Cup.

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