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Gold Coast Sun forward Brandon Matera has been placed in a walking boot for a week and sent for new orthotics in an effort to ease the soreness in his troublesome right foot. 

Matera had a stress injury last year, which caused him to miss rounds 6 to 10. The team says this is not a recurrence of that injury. He complained of soreness in a different part of his foot last week and was sent immediately for scans. 

Matera expects this current setback to cost him just two weeks of training, leaving him on track to play at least two of the NAB Cup games.

"The doc has me wearing a moon boot for the rest of the week as a precaution, and I'll be back training in runners the week after," Matera said.
"It's a minor setback. I've had a really good preseason so far so it's not ideal but I'm confident, based on the training I've done, that I'll be available for the NAB Cup," Matera added. 

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