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The New Orleans Hornets rookie forward Anthony Davis will be out several more weeks with a stress reaction in his left ankle and spraining his ankle three times in three days.

Davis suffered the stress reaction about a week ago in the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder and has been listed as day-to-day since then. A stress reaction is often a precursor to a stress fracture. Davis had an MRI done on his ankle. The team is targeting a return date near December 3rd. He said something that made every Hornet fan cringe: "The fact that I sprained my ankle three times in one week, that was odd. So they found that inside my foot. And you know the whole Grant Hill story, so they wanted to be very cautious with the way I handled things."

What happened to Hill is not dissimilar to what happened to Davis. Hill injured his ankle the week before the 2000 playoffs and rather than resting and healing Hill played through it and made it worse in Game 2 of the first round. He had surgery in the offseason and again that December. It was the beginning of the end for Hill, who had a career that was promising. The Hornets however, are doing the right thing by making Davis rest.

Davis originally injured his ankle while working out with Team USA over the summer, but says this current injury is not related to that one.

In the first six games of the season Davis had put up good numbers, averaging 16 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks per game. Those would be great numbers for a veteran player, showing Davis is figuring out professional basketball quickly. He has averaged just 28.3 minutes a game too, giving a lot of value to the time he's playing. Davis is also on fire with 49.3% shooting from the field and 83.9% shooting from the free throw line.

The most telling sign that the Hornets are missing Davis is that they have lost all six games he has missed, putting them in last place in the Southwest Division. It guarantees that he will get a lot of playing time when he returns.

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