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By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
September 13, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions

Warts on the Foot, otherwise known as plantar warts, are skin growths caused by a viral infection on the skin called human papilloma virus. Our podiatrists, Jeffrey S. Kahn, D.P.M., Richard E. Ehle, D.P.M., Craig M. Kaufman, D.P.M. and Ayman M. Latif, D.P.M., can help educate you about this condition and provide you with treatment options if needed. Consider giving us a call to learn more or visit us at the Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC, located in Rocky Hill (860-563-1200), Bristol ((860) 582-0747), Middletown (860) 346-5226), Glastonbury (860) 633-6749, Newington (860) 666-2078 and Kensington (860) 828-9455, Connecticut. 

Plantar Warts  develop on the sole of the foot and tend not to stick out of the skin. They are generally not dangerous but can be painful and take a couple of years to go away, and usually treatment is needed. Plantar warts mature as thick growths that that can appear as calluses on the foot and are often mistaken as such. They can become tender from the pressure placed on them when walking. If this or any other type of painful feeling starts to radiate from them, there are several home remedies that individuals turn to. One of these include using duct tape left on the wart for six days and then rinsing in warm water and using an abrasive surface to attempt to rub them off. Doing this for several months may help in getting rid of warts on the foot. There are also medications that anyone can obtain that attempt to remove the growth by peeling them away. For more stubborn cases, a doctor may freeze them with liquid nitrogen or utilize a laser to burn them off. Medicines that strengthen the immune system may also be used to help defeat the virus causing them.

Although plantar warts may not require attention for some, for others they can become a nuisance that may require treatment to prevent the onset of pain when walking. It’s therefore a good idea to contact our office so that we assist you with determining the next steps to treat this pesky plantar warts.