Ahh, those rocker bottom shoes. 

First, they're touted as a way to help you lose weight. Then they were marketed as a method of reducing your back pain.

Guess what?

They do none of that.

A new study has shown that rocker bottom shoes are no better than regular sneakers in reducing lower back pain. 

The shoes were branded as a way to positively impact your posture, reducing back and joint pain. However, new research from King's College in London disproves this theory, stating that traditional sneakers may be more beneficial for back pain brought on by standing or walking. 

Lead researcher physiotherapist Dr. Sian MacRae studied 115 people with chronic lower back pain and asked them to wear rocker bottomed shoes or regular sneakers for at least two hours a day while standing and walking. 

Those in the sneaker group had less disability than those who wore rocker bottomed shoes after one year. Researchers also found that after six months, 53 percent of the sneaker group had a small improvement in their back mobility, compared to 31 percent of the rocker sole group. 

MacRae said that physicians can now say that there is little difference in wearing the rocker bottom shoes versus sneakers, as they will provide similar results in decrease of pain and disability. 

Researchers did add that if the patient experiences lower back pain when walking or standing they will see a decrease in pain when wearing sneakers rather than rocker soled shoes. 

Reference: Business Standard

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