By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
June 29, 2018
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Standing desks are on the tip of wellness experts’ tongues. They’re recommending them to clients to drastically improve their life, even going as far as to say that sitting at a desk all day is as bad for you as smoking. Is your office chair really sending you to an early grave? Would switching to a standing desk really make that big of a difference in your health? Read on to see what the experts say.

Why should I get a standing desk?

  • Stay more active. Standing desks increase the likelihood that you’ll be moving throughout your workday. Sedentary lifestyles can lead to a myriad of health issues, including diabetes. If you’re already in a standing position, you’re more apt to take a quick walk around the office, stretch out, or at least roll your ankles than you would be if you were sitting.
  • Have more focus. Standing desk enthusiasts regularly reported that they were much more focused on their work throughout the day. They also said they were more energetic and excited about the work they were doing.
  • Reduce back pain. Sitting for the majority of an 8-hour workday will often lead to slumping and bad posture. Standing more with good posture, allows you stretch your back out and prevents that back pain caused by slumping.

Why should I avoid a standing desk?

  • Bad posture can lead to bad backs. If you’re standing hunched over a keyboard, or just leaning on your desk clicking away for hours at a time, it might not actually be great for your back.
  • Standing on your feet all day can be painful. Everyone has different feet with different needs. That means, that everyone will need different support underneath them if they’re standing. Orthotic cushions or plush standing mats can do the trick for some, but for people with conditions like plantar fasciitisbunions, or Achilles tendonitis, it can be really painful.

So is a standing desk right for you in your workplace? That’s something you can always chat about with your podiatrist. The professionals here at Connecticut Foot Care Centers are here to chat about any foot or ankle issues revolving around office-life or any other aspect. We can help assess your feet and get you on a healthy track. Click here to schedule an appointment or call one of our six conveniently located Connecticut offices today!