Alex Lenkei is a hypnotist who makes his living hypnotizing his crowd and making them believe and do things they would not normally.

So when it was time for him to have ankle replacement surgery, Lenkei did what came naturally to himself: he hypnotized himself. And had his surgery without anesthesia. 

Yes, that's right, Lenkei had ankle replacement surgery without anesthesia. 

This was not the 66 year old's first time doing this; he's had six operations done this way. However, this was the first time for orthopedic surgeon Dominic Nielson. 

Dr. Nielson did the two hour operation, which involved cutting through Lenkei's bone, at Epsom Hospital in Surrey. 

"It was certainly a bit nerve-wracking making the first cut, not being sure whether he would be able to feel it, but once we got through that bit it became very much like doing any other ankle replacement," Dr. Nielson said. 

"He did amazingly well with the whole thing. To be honest, it was just like doing any other operation. Alex went through the whole process, which took a very short period of time, and he told us he was ready to go ahead... It sort of went out of my head that he was awake and able to correspond.

"He made a couple of comments during the operation which obviously reminded us that this was a strange experience. He commented at one point on the noise of the saws and was just asking how it was going. It was very strange."

An anesthesiologist was on hand just in case anything went wrong during the July 8th operation, but he was not needed. 

Lenkei said, "I'm not averse to anesthesia- it's just that my pain control is a hell of a lot better than the medical profession's and I heal a lot quicker because my body doesn't have to get rid of all of the chemicals. Most doctors are scared because obviously it is not something that they come across in the medical profession, as such.
"The brain is a very sophisticated computer and if you press the right buttons it will do amazing things- if you press the right buttons it will switch certain things off."

All we can say is "WOW".  

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