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December 04, 2013
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In this Thanksgiving week, many college students will head home for break, families will head across country, and friends will knock on friend's doors. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel holidays, and packing correctly for your trip is essential.

And if you're like a lot of travelers, especially women, you struggle with what shoes to pack, how many, and

how to pack them. Some women will decide to pack all of their shoes, simply because they can't decide, and end up with suitcases that too big to check. 

But being realistic is important on your journey. How many pairs of shoes do you actually need? Look over this checklist to help you decide

  • Where are you going? Are you travelling to a warm climate, where you will be on the beach a majority of the time? Are you headed to a cold climate, where you will be watching the local Thanksgiving football game and enjoying time inside? Will you go to New York City for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and walk around the city afterwards? While flip-flops may be appropriate in the beach location, in the colder locations boots and closed-toe shoes with support are necessary. If you're doing a fancy Thanksgiving dinner out at a restaurant, pack a pair of "dessert" shoes. You know, those shoes you can only wear when sitting down. If you're going to be doing a lot of walking, shoes with support should be packed in your suitcase. But don't think those adorable fashion sneakers will keep your feet pain free- walking sneakers are best for a trip that includes a lot of walking. You'll thank us. We promise. 
  • What's the purpose of your trip? Are you doing sightseeing while you are away? Will you have a short business meeting? Headed to Disney World for the holiday? Going to the stadium to see your favorite football team play? Different shoes will be needed for each activity. If you have a lot of activities planned while you're away, or back home for Thanksgiving, plan shoes that can be used in a multitude of ways. Sneakers can be worn to the football game, but also while you are sightseeing in NYC. 
  • Lay your shoes on their sides. Shoes and boots should be arranged on their sides when possible, heel to toe. Lay one shoe down and then place its pair so the heel is at the toe of the first shoe. This way the shoes will take up the least amount of space. 
  • Keep pairs together. To ensure pairs don't get lost in the clutter of a suitcase, pack your shoes in a large resealable bag. If you don't have any bags, tie them together with a rubber band or twist tie. 
  • Placement. The Transportation Security Administration recommends placing your shoes at the top of your suitcase for checked luggage, to expedite inspection, if need be. If your suitcase isn't going to be checked, arrange the shoes around the perimeter of your suitcase to distribute the weight evenly. 

Remember: don't overpack your suitcase with shoes! Pack lightly and economically.

References: Huffington Post and USA Today.

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