The Memphis Grizzlies were without starting point guard Mike Conley Jr. on Sunday, the second time this season. 

The team had been hoping to end their four-game homestand on a positive note against the New Orleans Hornets at the FexExForum before heading into Monday night's game against the Philadelphia 76ers. But it was not meant to be, as Conley suffered a left ankle sprain with 7:40 remaining in the first quarter. Conley said his ankle gave out in transition after stepping in front of Hornets' player Anthony Davis (who is recovering from his own ankle sprain) for a steal.

"I immediately felt a pop and pain and tried to play on it for a moment. I really couldn't run and injured it and tried to play on it, and when I went out, the team doctor told me not to go back out because it didn't look good for me to play on a bad ankle," said Conley. 

Conley watched the rest of the game from a room adjacent to the locker room and wore a protective boot to prevent further injury to his ankle. Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins told reporters after the game he was unsure of Conley's status, but said "he will probably play Monday night, but there's no real word." 

Conley didn't play Monday night against Philadelphia and Sunday night's loss snapped a two-game winning streak. He had been in a double-digit scoring streak, and the game "was tough to watch," said Conley. "We had kind of been playing so well. But they're up and down and really hurt us in the pick and pops, and down the stretch, we turned it over a few times and really couldn't get nothing going. It's very crucial we all stay healthy. We all feed off each other. You know, when I'm out, we're missing a big part in terms of how we orchestrate things on the floor. Not knocking JB (reserve Jerryd Bayless) or anybody, but we need every guy healthy. We can be missing Zach, Rudy, myself, or Marc."

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