By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
August 26, 2017
Category: foot deformities
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It’s no secret that every human being is slightly different from the other. Our eye color, shape, race, sex, can all differ from person to person. The same can be said about out feet. At Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC in Rocky Hill, Bristol, Newington, Glastonbury, Middletown, and Kensington, Connecticut, Jeffrey Kahn, DPM  has seen all kinds of feet. He has seen deformed feet, athletic feet, blistered feet, broken feet, high arched feet, and even flat feet.

Pancake feet or flat feet, are very common among all types of people. The foot usually forms an arch a little after two years old. Sometimes, due to growth, genetics, or poor footwear, the foot develops without an arch and stays that way permanently. Flat feet can cause a person a lot of pain, especially if they are constantly on their feet and staying active. 

What constitutes a flat foot?

A podiatrist has seen the “average foot” many times and often uses it as a comparison when looking at the arch. If the arch seems to align similarly to the “average” foot then it is not considered flat. If there is a more significant arch than the “average” foot than it is considered to have a high arch. If the arch is much lower than the “average” foot than it is considered to be flat.

What difference does a flat foot make?

Previously, if you had flat feet it could disqualify you from becoming a soldier in the United States Military. Recently, that rule has lifted and flat feet are not considered a disqualifier any longer. Flat feet can also cause pain to athletes, nurses, and other people who are constantly using their feet. It will make them tired, achy, and can cause deformities if not properly treated.

How can I help my flat feet?

Properly fitting footwear is key to surviving flat feet. Make sure that the shoes you buy have a lot of stability, support, and fit snugly, but not too tight. This will allow the foot to move comfortably without adding any extra unnecessary pressure to the foot. 

Orthotics can also be beneficial to those who suffer from flat feet. A small device that is custom made for your specific foot and ailment can be inserted into your shoe and provide the stability and comfort that you may otherwise be lacking. 

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