By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
May 31, 2018
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Laser pistols and lightsabers might all seem like far-flung science fiction and fantasy toys, used only on galaxies far, far away. Did you know, however, that at Connecticut Foot Care Centers we utilize laser technology to treat many foot ailments, including eradicating unsightly toenail fungus? We might not be Jedi warriors or heroes rescuing another planet, but we can definitely be here in your time of need.

Our powerful weapon (used only for good)

Toenail fungus can be nasty. Your toenails can become thickened, yellowed, and even begin to crumble. Previously, podiatrists relied only on three methods to fight the fungus:

  1. Prevention. This is still our number one tool in the fight. We educate our patients about where fungus lives: warm, moist places like gyms, locker rooms, near pools, or at a nail salon. The best way to avoid an infection is to keep your feet dry, especially in the cracks and crevices, wear protective shoes in public areas (especially wet areas), and only visiting credible, safe, and clean nail salons.
  2. Topical medication. Creams or polishes applied directly to the nail can hold the infection off, but it will occasionally rear its ugly head again in the future.
  3. Oral medication. Pills can systemically treat the infection.

We now have a solid new method to tackle fungus: Laser therapy!

Practiced by our team of certified podiatrists at Connecticut Foot Care Centers, laser therapy aims a beam of light through your toenail that targets the fungus living underneath the nail.

Why choose laser therapy over a “traditional” method?

  • The procedure is quick and done right in our office
  • No anesthesia is necessary
  • The procedure is reportedly painless
  • As opposed to topical or oral medication, which often can take up to 12 weeks, one laser therapy treatment will put you back in open-toed shoes.

For more information on laser therapy for fungal toenails, check out our video. If your toes are showing any signs of fungal infections, it’s time to make an appointment at one of our six convenient offices. Ask if laser therapy is right for you to rid you of this ailment! Click here to schedule an appointment or call one of our six conveniently located Connecticut offices today!