General Hospital star and Dancing With the Stars season 1 winner Kelly Monaco broke her second toe on Tuesday while camera blocking. Pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy says "We had three takes in rehearsal and she broke it on the first take. But she didn't tell me. And the second take, I said 'Come on, we need more'. And she's quiet. And just did her thing. Then we had a break and she said, 'Oh by the way, I broke my toe.'"

Monaco, 36, who is also suffering from a swollen left ankle, says about her broken toe, "I couldn't walk, so I knew something was wrong. And then it went all black and blue all over and puffed up. I had someone look at it. But there's nothing you can do with a broken toe. You just tape it up and call it a day." We would disagree with that statement- rest, icing, ibuprofen!

This however did not stop her from performing an emotional contemporary piece that left her in tears by the end of the routine. Rumors have been flying that Monaco and Chmerkovskiy are in a relationship, but nothing has been confirmed by the dancing couple and Monaco is still dating actor beau Heath Freeman.

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