By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
August 26, 2017
Tags: ligaments   sprained ankle   foot joint  

Ankle sprains unfortunately come with a great amount of pain and can happen to a large sector of the population. The reason for this is due to the stretching of ligaments that are around the ankle. Our team, Jeffrey S. Kahn, D.P.M., Richard E. Ehle, D.P.M., Craig M. Kaufman, D.P.M. and Ayman M. Latif, D.P.M., can help to treat this condition. Come visit us at the Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC, located in Rocky Hill, Bristol, Middletown, Glastonbury, Newington and Kensington, Connecticut.


Ankle sprains are injuries to the ligaments that border and attach the leg bones to the foot. This type of injury tends to happen when a person twists or turns their ankles in such a way that is not normal to their general range of movement. This twisting stretches the ligaments that hold the leg bones to the foot joint. It’s important to understand that ligaments have precise arrays of motion and limits. Taken in conjunction, they act to hold the joints in a stable manner. When these limits are breached, a sprain is most likely to occur. The limits of tendon can vary from person to person depending on their physical health and previously sustained injuries. The ligaments on the outside of the ankle are most prone to being sprained. 


It’s of utmost importance that you contact your doctor once you sustain a sprained ankle because depending upon the severity of the injury, the doctor can provide the best advised treatment to target the specific tendon that tore. Generally, it may take several months for your sprained ankle to heal. Recovery time is highly influenced by whether you seek consultation immediately after the sprain occurs. Also, do not forget that the pain and swelling sustained from the sprain should go away, but the injured ankle may not be as steady as you remember. If that occurs, certain exercises may be required to make your ankle strong again. 


Sprained ankles have a way of seriously impacting your routine. If you may have suffered one, please take this moment to contact our office so that we can provide you with the treatment you’ve earned.