By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
April 04, 2018
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Take some time today to appreciate your toes. They keep you balanced. They help you walk and run efficiently. Even missing just one of your ten toes would make you have to re-learn things you learned when you were a baby. 

Here are some of the top toe issues we see here at Connecticut Foot Care Centers:

  1. Athlete’s Foot-- This common foot infection causes itchy, red, flaky skin typically between the toes. Prevent this by wearing shoes, changing your socks regularly, and not being barefoot in public places.
  2. Toenail Fungus-- Fungal nails are often discolored, brittle, and easily broken. The fungus can push up from the nail bed, causing it to crack. This is a much more difficult fungus to treat than athlete’s foot and can require topical or oral medication prescribed by a podiatrist.
  3. Bunions-- Bunions are a painful bone deformity on the outside of your big toe. Bunions form when your toe moves out of place - often from pressure from tight-fitting shoes. Big toes with bunions jut inward, which can put pressure on other toes, potentially causing issues such as hammertoe.
  4. Hammertoe-- Hammertoe is a deformity where the second, third, or fourth toe bends upward, jutting out like a hammer. If this is not treated, it could become stiff or rigid and require surgery.
  5. Claw toes-- Nerve damage from diabetes or alcoholism can weaken muscles in the foot and cause claw toe. Claw toes bend upwards from the joint at the ball of the foot and/or downwards at the middle joint. If caught early, it is easy to treat.
  6. Corns-- Corns are often caused by claw toes. These calluses form from constant rubbing against improperly fitting shoes. 
  7. Ingrown toenails-- Trimming your nails too short and pressure from too-tight shoes can cause an ingrown toenail. Wear correct fitting shoes and trim your toenails straight across to prevent this ailment.

If you are dealing with any of these toe issues, or any other foot ailment, schedule an appointmenttoday at one of our six conveniently located offices. Our knowledgeable and friendly staffcan help diagnose and treat any number of foot or ankle issues.