By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
March 28, 2018
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At Connecticut Foot Care Centers, we naturally find feet funky and fascinating! Our feet carry us everywhere we need to go, and we rarely take the time to marvel at how interesting they are. Maybe you’ll feel a little closer to your feet after you check out some of these funky foot facts below:

Feet are one of the most sensitive parts of your body

There are nearly 8,000 nerves in your feet! Lots of nerve endings are near the skin in the soles of your feet making them very ticklish and sensitive to touch! Having ticklish feet is a good sign that your nerves are responding right; often reduced sensations in your feet is indicative of neuropathy.

Your feet have lots of bones

Our feet have nearly ¼ of all the bones in our body. There are 26 bones in each foot! Learn more about your foot’s anatomy here.

Foot width is increasing

As people have grown taller and heavier, our feet have been spreading out to support that extra weight. Since 1970, the average foot size has increased by two sizes! Make sure you’re caring for your feet by buying shoes that fit well.

Women suffer from more foot issues than men

Women’s foot ailments are often linked with wearing a high heel. High heels shift the foot into an unnatural position, often causing complications like hammer toe or metatarsalgia. Here’s a good guide for women’s shoes.

The average person walks nearly 100,000 miles in their lifetime

Does your Fitbit match up to that number? That’s a lot of steps (not to mention, a lot of stress on our feet!). All that walking can lead to plenty of potential foot and ankle issues. Make sure you stretch before you get a good walk in!

Our feet change as we age

All the abuse we lend towards our feet – stubbed toes, poorly fitting shoes, dropping things on your feet – causes your feet to thicken and change. As we get older we have thicker toenails and tougher feet. This can make footcare difficult as you get older, but its necessary to care for your feet at any age!

Aren’t our feet fascinating? Our podiatry team at Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC always loves to chat about feet! Whether you’re looking for daily foot care tips, or are experiencing pain or other foot issues, give us a call today. We operate six conveniently located centers in the Connecticut area.