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By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
July 26, 2018
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Whether you’re headed to a brand new exotic location far across the world or you’re prepping for a relaxing little staycation at the local pool, your checklist can seem endless. Do we have the tickets? Did you pack the fancy dress clothes for a nice night out? Did you pack your swimsuit? Before you check every box on that list though, make sure you include items for your feet! They deserve a nice vacation too.

Here are some great ways to keep your feet happy and healthy no matter where your travels take you:

Pack the right shoes

Consider all the activities you’ll partake in on vacation and pack appropriately:

  • If you’re flying, consider wearing easy-on, easy-off shoes for airport security checks. Don’t forget socks either! You don’t want to catch a fungus or bacteria from that airport floor.
  • Flip-flops are great for the beach or the pool, but they shouldn’t be your walking shoes. Make sure you pack a pair of lightweight sneakers if you plan on trekking through a town or through nature. If you use orthotic inserts, make sure you pack those too!
  • A backup pair of sneakers can be helpful too if your other shoes get wet. Wet shoes can quickly grow bacteria and fungi.
  • If you’re hiking or backpacking, make sure you have hiking boots that fit well. Wicking socks are also a must to prevent moisture build-up in your shoes.

Pack a First Aid Kit

Consider your feet when packing a first aid kid and add the following items:

  • Bandaids, bandages, and tape
  • Moleskin pads that can prevent blisters
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Nail clippers
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer

If you return from your vacation with any sort of foot or ankle injury or issue, it’s time to contact your foot doctor! Our team of foot doctors here at Connecticut Foot Care Centers provide the best in foot care and utilizes the newest diagnostic and treatment techniques and technologies! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff has unparalleled experience and can help you at any of our six conveniently located Connecticut offices. Request an appointment today!

By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
July 19, 2018
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You’re a busy person. You’ve likely got work or school, family, and household obligations to balance, not to mention any time you’re able to allot to your cherished hobbies. It’s easy to push off cramping or pain in your feet as just a one-time thing that will subside. You can put off doctors visits, trying to treat your own issues with over-the-counter medication or finding a little extra time to get off of your feet. And sometimes that works! Other times, however, that pain or cramp or tingle is your body trying to signal there’s a big problem going on!

Our feet are sensitive to health problems in the body – they can tell us a lot about hidden health concerns. 

Below are some symptoms that you might notice in your feet that should never be ignored. If you experience any of the following, get your feet checked out by a podiatrist:

  1. A sore or wound that won’t heal – A wound that won’t seem to heal, can often be a tell-tale sign of diabetes. The uncontrolled glucose levels associated with diabetes can often lead to nerve damage in your feet, which can make wounds slow to heal. Without being treated, this could lead to limb amputation!
  2. Foot cramps – Foot cramps could point to dehydration or a lacking nutrients in your body, which can both be easily remedied. It could also be a sign that you have nerve damage or circulation problems.
  3. Constantly cold feet – Feet that are always freezing is sometimes a sign of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can cause depression, weight gain, exhaustion, hair loss, and more. A blood test can tell if you have this issue.
  4. Stiff, painful feet – This could be a sign of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, especially if you’re in your golden years.
  5. Pain and swelling in your big toe – Acute pain in your big toe can indicate gout. Thankfully, gout can be managed through a simple change in diet.
  6. Heel pain – Pain in the heel, especially first thing in the morning, could likely be plantar fasciitis.
  7. Burning or tingling – Another nerve issue could lead to burning or tingling in the feet. Extreme pain could possibly indicate Morton’s neuroma.

Our bodies are linked in such interesting ways. It’s amazing that you can tell so much about what’s going on internally just through our feet. If any of the above strike a chord with you as something that’s going on, please schedule some time to come get checked out. Our team of foot doctors here at Connecticut Foot Care Centers provide the best in foot care and can help ensure your feet and ankles are healthy! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you at any of our six conveniently located Connecticut offices. Request an appointment today!

By Connecticut Foot Care Centers, LLC
July 13, 2018
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Often when you think of summer, you think of lounging at the pool or the beach, biting into a snow cone or a big juicy watermelon, and maybe watching a Fourth of July parade with your family. In these scenarios, you probably picture yourself wearing a tank top, shorts, and flip-flops. Flip-flop shoes might seem like such an iconic, perfect summer shoe. They’re easy to slip on and off and they’re a dime a dozen at some stores, plus they come in so many colorful patterns that can help you display your personal taste!

They’re definitely a fun shoe! But unfortunately, they might not be the best shoes for your feet. While they do protect the bottoms of your feet, they don’t offer much-needed arch support. Below you’ll find some reasons to flip your flip-flops right off:

  • People wear them perpetually. Often, people treat flip-flops as their daily shoe, leaving their feet unsupported day-in and day-out. A flat piece of rubber under your feet does not offer the support that your arches need, which can lead to podiatric issues like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. They’re great pool-wear, but keeping them on every day can be bad news.
  • They leave your feet open and vulnerable. Cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises, and even pesky mosquito bites can affect the nearly 75% of your foot that is left open when wearing flip-flops.
  • They make your toes work too much. Your toes have to unnaturally bend to grip the rubber base to keep it under your feet. Too much of this can lead to hammertoe.
  • They’re unsafe to drive in. Studies have proven that foot movement time is longer from the gas to the brake if the driver is wearing flip-flops. Plus, a flip-flop could get caught under a pedal and prevent you from pressing the brakes! This greatly increases the risk of car accident.

If you just recently bought a fancy new pair of flip-flops, don’t let this dishearten you! You should wear them in moderation – show them off at the beach or by the pool; just don’t make them your regular shoe. If you do hurt yourself while wearing flip-flops, we’re here for you. The professionals at Connecticut Foot Care Centers are knowledgeable and professional, and can get you on the path to great foot health. Click here to schedule an appointment or call one of our six conveniently located Connecticut offices today!