For decades, women have been thrusting their feet and legs into charming, and totally sexy, nylon pantyhose. In earlier times it was considered unlady-like to go out of the house with bare legs and feet. While nylon pantyhose are no longer considered a fashion must-have, many women still wear them and therefore have a host of foot and ankle problems. 

Women who always wear nylon pantyhose expose themselves to a host of foot problems. Nylon doesn't breathe and the heat that it generates and traps can lead to excessive perspiration. A warm, damp area is an ideal place for fungal infections such as Athlete's Foot.

Inexpensive nylon pantyhose can also cause forefoot problems, because they don't allow the normal expansion of the foot when walking, and may pull the toes backward when the pantyhose ride up. The cramping and pressure of the hose can contribute to ingrown toenails and hammertoes. If you must wear pantyhose, be sure they fit properly around the foot. Limit the length of time you wear them whenever possible and, like socks, wash them after every use.

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